We bring stories to the big screen. Touching people, causing goosebumps, setting impulses.
Far beyond Austrian borders.

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90 years
full of life

The Value of Time A portrait of Hermann Huber

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- Whiteroom Productions Origins

Now or Never!

Now or Never Skimovie with Nadine Wallner

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High Speed
between Snow Walls

Between Walls Longboard Short Film

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Aufstieg in die tief verschneiten Berge Albaniens - Whiteroom Productions Origins

In the footsteps
of wolf and bear

When the mountains were wild Snowboard Adventure Film

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Whiteroom Productions Origins - Ski Vacation Poster

The most
explosive ski
weekend ever!

Ski Vacation Tiroler Tyrolean ski slapstick comedy

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Michi Wohlleben am Wetterstein Grat - Whiteroom Productions Origins

On a thin line
between backbone
and reserves

Wetterstein Ridge Climbing Film with Michi Wohlleben

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Anreise zum Altai in sowjetischem Truck - Altai - Whiteroom Productions Origin

When wodka,
sweat and powder
indulge the senses!

Altai Russian Ski Adventure

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Stirb Langsam - Michi Wohlleben - Eisklettern - Whiteroom Productions Origins

What would you
do if your passion
turns against you!

Stirb langsam Ice climbing film with Michi Wohlleben

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A hyper galactic
good ski trip!

Big trouble in a tiny tent Ski Slapstick Comedy

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A thin line
between success
and failure

Trial and Error Ski Blockbuster

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- Whiteroom Productions Origins

With this movie
our journey began.

Time for the Whiteroom Our first Ski Movie

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A tale from the
heavenly mountains

Tian Shan A Ski Culture Film

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We bring stories to the big screen. Touching and stunning. Colorful and amusing. Above all, our films are honest and authentic. We touch people and set impulses – far beyond the Austrian border. With numerous skiing and climbing expeditions to remote mountain regions around the globe, we took root in documentary and adventure filmmaking. We always go the notorious extra mile on which award-winning films were created. And we are still eager for more – even for stories in which the mountain is not the protagonist.