Forest Department Tyrol

Educational Campaign

There is a growing interest in outdoor activities. The increasing demands on nature in Tyrol give rise to conflicts.

Mountain bikers riding on hiking trails, ski tourers startling the game and sport climbers trampling the meadows. Most of the time it is just a few black sheep who make peaceful co-existence with nature difficult. How can these conflicts be resolved? By initiating the campaign “Bergwelt Tirol miteinander erleben” the Tyrolean Forest Department wants to sensitize outdoor athletes and achieve an immediate experience of nature without creating conflicts.

We produced some video clips on the topics of “mountain biking” and “freeriding”, which should enlighten people to behave properly in nature. We used more an amusing approach than instructive style.

The task for our commercials was pretty tough. The team of Whiteroom Productions made the impossible possible and delivered a harmonious and creative concept, which we in the end pulled off efficiently and with loads of joy and fun.

Dieter Stöhr Forest Department Tyrol