Product Film

Heliovis is a smart-tech company which develops, the HELIOtube technology, a lightweight solar concentrator for industrial solar applications.

The Heliovis team came to us with the request to document the installation of their first final prototype in Spain. We had the chance to see the possibly most motivated team on earth building one of the coolest machines out there. The footage we shoot were shown on different trade shows like for example the EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan. We are definitely inspired by our friends at Heliovis and hope that their technology will be a massive success and will contribute to a future with clean energy.

Whiteroom Productions has exceeded our expectations. The enthusiasm with which the guys accompanied our project was simply breathtaking. Thanks to their passion for the project and the high quality expectations on their own performance, we can recourse to a large number of high-quality images for our marketing.

Christoph Schnabel Vice President & HR Legal, Heliovis