Ski Vacation

Tiroler Tyrolean ski slapstick comedy

It´s time to zero in on the freeride scene! There is more than enough explosives for a fulminant comedy!

A Brazilian couple on a ski road trip through the Tyrolean Alps. When they reach the ski village of Obergurgl, things are going wild fast. They are welcomed in a traditional Tyrolean way: with great skepticism and bitter charm. Only between the Brazilian girl and her ski instructor a closer relationship develops. For her clumsy boyfriend the situation is much more difficult, because the hot doggers of the local ski scene enjoy making jokes of him. Of course, no one has expected what a great skier the Brazilian is and so the story begins to take a surprising turn…


The ski business nowadays has become far too serious. With our new film we wanted to highlight what's most important in skiing - fun. Therefore we had to create our own world.