Stirb langsam

Ice climbing film with Michi Wohlleben

“Stirb langsam” – an ice climb becomes a metaphor for life!

“Stirb langsam” is an alpine mixed climb in the Austrian Wetterstein Mountains and one of the world´s hardest routes of this sort.The film is an emotional portrait about a strong, focused, driven young person who only finds his fulfillment in the mountains. This film provides deep insight into Michi Wohlleben’s psyche. Michi is frankly and mercilessly speaking about his fears and blockades, that have afflict him in his young mountaineering career. He describes the expectations of mountaineering and the effects on daily life. In this process, his voice breaks down one time or another. Such an obviously strong, focused and ambitious young man is just as vulnerable and human as everybody else. This makes the film gripping, dramatic and stirring.

What lasts?