Trango Towers - Pakistan

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Trango Towers Pakistan - Whiteroom

If you never travel, you never come back! We went on an unforgettable adventure into the very heart of the mountains – the Trango Towers in Pakistan.

A dream comes true, after months of preparation our journey is about to begin. The first big adventure immediately starts with a 3-day drive along the notorious and dangerous Karakorum Highway. This road actually deserves another name — “Highway to Hell” would fit much better. After endless driving we finally reached Askole, the last small village, from where another three day journey starts to the base camp – this time afoot.

When we spot the objects of our desire — the soaring Great Trango and Nameless Tower we are overwhelmed — this makes everything we have been through worthwhile. The mountains around us lit up more intensively than ever before and it was truly an unbelievable moment — simply to be there.

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