Wetterstein Ridge

Climbing Film with Michi Wohlleben

What happens when you push your persistence to the limits? How long will you last?

Michi Wohlleben, German professional mountaineer has set the benchmark high. He intends to cross the Wetterstein Ridge in a non-stop go – without any break. Ahead of him lies an immense amount of exposed and fragile ridge climbing. Not only physical strength and endurance are necessary for this undertaking, but mental stamina and concentration is what you need when moving through this alpine demanding terrain over such a long period of time. Mistakes are not allowed.
Months before the action takes place, he undergoes a hard, structured training. Discipline is needed to sustain the recurring training sessions that gradually increase. He learns to stay focused and agile, even when his body screams for exhaustion. Actually, this is what the Wetterstein Ridge will force on him.

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My mind is totally off but climbing somehow still works. Don't let go. Don't stop. I bring this to an end!