When the mountains were wild

Snowboard Adventure Film

How was it like before all that development in our mountains started?

In February 2014 Mitch Tölderer and Klaus Zwirner asked us to come along on a journey to explore the ski-/snowboarding possibilities in the widely undiscovered northern Albanian Alps. Together with photographer Carlos Blanchard we drove from Austria through several Balkan countries and for the first time we witnessed the debris of the Yugoslavian war. Our destination was the beautiful and wild Valbona Valley where time seemed to stand still. After studying ambiguous maps and checking the weather conditions we started our 25 km hike to the promising freeride area and pitched camp in a little abandoned shepherd´s hut. After six days of unexpected heavy snowstorm and exercising patience the crew woke up in “Freeride Heaven” and enjoyed a well-earned magic day in the snow.


With the boys of Whiteroom productions I found a dedicated, creative and professional crew that keeps the good vibes up even if conditions are getting hairy. That's all essential for a successful and unforgettable adventure like our joint project in the Albanian Alps.

Mitch Tölderer Freerider, FWT Champion