Filmmaking is not a profession, it is our life.

Many years ago, chance brought us together and has driven forth our shared passion: We show our love of nature, tell stories and make honest films. Moving images that become an experience.
We’ve travelled around the globe, capturing intense moments. From climbing, skiing, and alpinism. We found the “untouched” in the most remote regions of the earth. On our trips we’ve learned a lot – about the creative vision, teamwork, pain and friendship. And this journey is far from over.

Touching people's emotions
and setting impulses.
That’s what we want.

Simon Platzer

Connecting with people
and space
is the most important.

Johannes Hoffmann

For us, efficiency means:
short distances,
but all the more empathy.

Stefanie Gruber

For this unique moment,
we go through fire.

Jakob Schweighofer

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Unsere Jugend, unsere Wurzeln.